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    How will it make money between 11th and 13th February 2020?

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    At NYC, we focus on developing leaders who can drive transformational projects within our nations businesses across the different sectors of the economy through the intergenerational skills transfer and collaboration.
    We have partnered with Public, Private, NGOs, CSOs institutions to bring you the Excelevate, an opportunity for you to build your track record – experience, to demonstrate your work culture and delivery – Excellence and experience the recruitment process and learn about what organizations look out for in our future leaders. This process will elevate you and give you the necessary track record for you to create your dream job.
    Once you apply and get shortlisted, you get the opportunity to participate in a minimum of three real challenges faced by the institutions. The best participants will get a chance to spend a day at the different institutions, get a mentor within the institution and have the opportunity to get into the company’s internship/ work pool.

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