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Fursa vs Democracy Challenge

Each year the National Youth Council undertakes a challenge towards International Youth Day 12th August 2022. In the year 2022, the IYD falls right after the August 9th General Elections which we consider to be transitional in that power and authority will be transiting from one generation to another. Therefore, the theme our challenge 2022 is “Fursa vs Democracy Challenge”.

The challenge this year under the theme “Fursa vs Democracy Challenge” aims at enhancing the participation by and role of the youth in the democratic election process. Recognition of the role of the youth in social and economic development and self-government through active participation in youth policy making ensuring inclusivity.

The Fursa challenge platform offers on demand training, mentorship, partnership and linkages to Kenyan youth.

The Fursa vs Democracy challenge will be spearheaded by the National youth council in collaboration with our relevant partners.

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